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Open Up To The World

You can sell products all over the world with e-commerce. Actually, this is very easy now. You can sell products all over the world with an adequate market research and an efficient advertising policy in the country or continents you want.

Our Packages

We Analyze

First of all, we make a domestic market analysis related to your industry. We evaluate you and your competitors.

We Prepare Your Infrastructure

We carry out all your integration operations based on the market analysis. We design and publish your site for you.

Our Training Plans

We provide the necessary trainings for the personnel or personnel you will determine based on the infrastructure we have created.

We Take Aaction

With your website and trainings, you are ready to advertise in any country in the world.

Start E-Commerce Today

E-commerce is now the favorite of local and global stores and anyone interested wants to enter this sector. What are you waiting for? Start e-commerce right now.

Our Trainings


Do you want to implement your Ticimax infrastructure very quickly? Then check out our installation packages right away. Or ask for information from our customer service.

Our Packages