Our company is one of the leading companies in the information technology sector with its customer-oriented approach and a modern management approach. It offers products, solutions and services in different subjects by making business partnerships with the leading technology companies of the sector.

All our companies and our certified and professional staff consist of 36 employees. We provide services in the fields of e-commerce, software, seo, advertising and education with our business network spread throughout Turkey. Digital Help Software Inc. Ş., our organization has developed in a simple and straight line since the day we were founded.

The primary principle adopted by our expert staff is to provide maximum customer satisfaction. Within the framework of this principle, we offer high-level engineering services and future-oriented technologies to our customers. As D-Help, our primary goal is to establish a long-term relationship with our customers and to offer new technologies developed in this process to our customers.

D-Help is one of the largest business partners of software giant Ticimax. There is business partnership in the fields of sales, site setup, seo, ad management. You can get all the services on Ticimax from our company, that is, from a single point. As a company, we also work with T-Soft. We support our customers in the fields of T-soft installation, integration, data expertise.

We also support those who use open source software such as your own wordpress, prestashop, woocommerce. You can get custom integration, software, seo, advertising solutions from us.

A Professional and An Energetic Team

What We Do?

You can take advantage of our end-to-end e-commerce solutions. We have carried out the establishment, management, training and even outsource management of many successful e-commerce companies until today. If you are looking for an end-to-end solution, you are at the right place.


In the field of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), we organically move our companies to the top. You both reduce your advertising costs and display the right product / service to the right user. Or we can train your staff in this area. The choice is yours…


Do you want to reduce your advertising costs and sell efficiently? Then we can help you. Meet with the right focus words, proper and efficiency-oriented shopping ads, the right audiences and the right planning.


If you cannot find the solution you are looking for in your erp, crm or e-commerce infrastructure, we will be happy to help you. You will be able to start working systematically with our solution-oriented software and the software prepared by our solution partners.

Social Media

If you need a page management with corporate identity status, as D-Help, we would like you to get information about our best management of social media platforms. Facebook, Instagram, Tictok, Youtube and all other platforms.


We set up and apply all the advertising setups of your company from start to finish. We manage your ads on Google, Yandex, Bing, private sites, TV, radio or printed bulletins in the best way. Remarketing, user-oriented advertising, web push.