Ads Integrations

If you want your site to work in full sync with advertising companies, you are at the right address. We provide you with efficient integration with our infrastructure that works in harmony with advertising companies, price comparison sites and advertising display companies. In the infrastructure of our system, product feed for Google Ads, product feed for Facebook, data feed files for Cimri, Akakçe and Efiyat sites are available in our infrastructure. In addition, the ad url extension is active in our system so that you can follow the ads.

With our advertising integrations;

You get access to the files. You can perform file sharing and integration to specified companies.

Our Ad Integrations

  • Google Ads Integration

    With Google Ads Integration, all your products are fully compatible with Google Ads service.

  • Facebook Integration

    Create facebook Pixel with Facebook Integration, sell products via Instagram shopping.

  • Criteo Integration

    Publish your remarketing setup flawlessly with Criteo Integration with Criteo company.

  • Revotas Integration

    Create dynamic e-mail or on-site sales setups for your customers with Revotas Integration.

  • Admitad Integration

    With Admitad Integration, earn income from your site through Affiliate structure.

  • Euromessage Integration

    Make your multi-channel campaign management, data management, analytical insight and marketing with Euromessage.

  • Related Digital Integration

    It is one of the few companies in the world that offers omni-channel automation with Related Digital.

  • PersonaClick Integration

    Using PersonaClick artificial intelligence, you can do person-based marketing and optimization.

  • Yotpo Integration

    Gain customers with customer reviews, loyalty management and referrals with Yotpo.

  • Cimri Integration

    With Cimri Integration, you can send your products to without any problem.