What is Corporate Seo?

It is a search engine optimization designed for websites serving outside the field of e-commerce. We ensure that your corporate site stands out in search engines in the desired areas of your site.

We Examine Your Site’s Data

We handle Google Analytic and Metrika data of your site and examine its accuracy.

We Subject a Few Tests

We examine the structural integrity of your site and its behavior towards search engines.

We are planning a meeting

We listen to the status of your site, your wishes, expectations and plans.

We Prepare a Special Work Plan

We draw up a work plan according to your requests and report it with regular reports.

We Examine Conversions

We examine the plan made with weekly, monthly and quarterly reports.

Attendance Schedule

Before the calendar is full, we plan a calendar for new focus words and the permanence of your links.

We Are Conducting Competitor Review

We review the work done by competitors for your focus words.

Link Analysis

We create links that provide focus word integrity that are suitable for you by making custom link analysis.

Why Us?

Because we have been doing this for 15 years. To sum up, we didn’t start yesterday. The companies we currently manage are all from different sectors. We’ve tried thousands of scenarios and worked hard to find the right one, but finally found it. Actually we

  • We Know What is Professional E-commerce.
  • We Synchronize Your Ads With Seo Work.
  • We Offer Special Filtered Solutions for You.
  • We Know E-Commerce and Search Engine Rules By Heart.
  • We Plan All Our Works Permanently.

We are not like some other companies. The cost to you is determined by the ease or difficulty of your sector. Your sector determines this, we only receive a service fee. This work is charged on an hourly rate. To sum up, we offer an economical but definitive solution.

Those who say I will deal with myself

You can achieve victory by following and applying the tactics that will make you successful.