Sell ​​to the World with E-Export!

With our e-export package, you can sell your products to the world with multiple languages ​​- advanced shipping options – alternative payment methods.

Global and Advanced Modules

Make sales to different countries with different language, currency and special pricing, different SEO settings for each language, and different prices to different countries.

Global Marketplace Integrations

Automatically send the products you have uploaded to your e-commerce site to Marketplaces such as Ebay, Amazon, Ali Express, follow up the incoming orders on your e-commerce site and make their shipments on a single panel.

Multi Language

Multi-language infrastructure, which is one of the most important features for you to make e-export, is in Ticimax Global Packages! Your site works with dozens of different language options, you can also enter different languages ​​of your products and other content on a single panel.

Multiple Currency

The currency of each country can be defined separately. You can sell your products in different currencies with the Ticimax exchange module, and collect from that unit as supported by your payment system.

Location Based Visitor Recognition

In E-Export, your visitors will be from different countries. Ticimax’s unique technology understands from which country the visitor enters your site and makes changes accordingly. For example, to a person who logs in via America, your site appears in English and the currency is automatically converted to dollars.

Location Based Different Price Identification

Sell ​​at different prices for each country! Thanks to this unique feature of Ticimax, for example, you can sell a 10 TL product to the USA for 12 USD and to France for 15 Euros.

Broadcasting from Visitor’s Entry Country

Ticimax publishes your e-commerce site from the country or the country closest to that country where you enter your e-commerce site with Global agreements. It provides this service with more than 200 Pop points over 100 Different Locations in total. In this way, your site works quickly in different countries, and your visitors shop more easily. This feature will also increase your Global Seo Score.

Overseas Cargo Integrations

Full integration with the cargo companies you will send abroad is in Ticimax. Since each country’s expert cargo company is different, facilitate your work by integrating with more than one cargo company for overseas sales, and give your customers the opportunity to follow up on your own site.

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