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robots.txt   file is a file located in your site’s root directory that shows the places on your site that you don’t want search engine crawlers to access. The file includes   Preventing Robots Standard . uses. These commands can be used to show access to your site by section and by specific web browser type (such as mobile browsers and desktop browsers). Since we are performing the coding operations on the backside, it is enough to write the links that you do not want to be indexed in google in the Robots.txt field.

Robots .txt Settings > General Settings > It is included in the search engine settings.




Robot. For txt rules  >>  

Related Values;


Block …


The entire site;  with straight slash ( / ):


A directory and its contents;   adding a straight slash after the directory name:


A web page;  listing the page after the slash:


Google A specific image from Images:

User-agent: Googlebot-Image

Disallow: /images/dogs.jpg

all images:

User-agent: Googlebot-Image

Disallow: /

Certain types of files  (for example, .gif):

User-agent: Googlebot

< code> Disallow: /*.gif$

The page on your site alar; however, AdSense ads are shown on these pages , web browsers other than Mediapartners-Google are not allowed. This app hides your pages from search results, but the   Mediapartners-Google  web browser continues to analyze pages to decide which ads to display to your site visitors.

User-agent: *

Disallow: /

User-agent: Mediapartners -Google

Allow: /


Note that directives are   case sensitive  For example  Disallow:/file.asp command  will block, but http: // It will allow the file .Also, Googlebot ignores unknown directories and spaces in the   robots.txt file.


It is a data marker that enables faster browsing of a site consisting of sub categories. Homepage>  Category Name  > Sub Category Name  >  Page Name. When you categorize your content or product pages in this way, you will see the same result in Google search.

Breadcrumb You can access from product management when adding products or without editing products.

It is a data marker that enables faster browsing of a site consisting of sub categories. Homepage >  Category Name  >  Sub Category Name  >  Page Name. When you categorize your content or product pages in this way, you will see the same result in Google search.

Breadcrumb You can access from product management when adding products or without editing products.

 In accordance with the Law on Consumer Protection No. 6502 (“Law”), the buyers have the right to return the products within 14 days from the date of delivery without giving reasons and “paying no shipping fee”.


Consumer’s Right of Withdrawal in 1st Payment Contracts;

The provisions regarding sales in installments are regulated in Article 17 of the Law, and the right of withdrawal is regulated by Article 18

The Regulation on Installment Sales Contracts was published in the Official Gazette dated 14.01.2015.


Right of withdrawal

(1) The consumer has the right to withdraw from the sales contract in installments within seven days without any justification and without penalty.

(2) The period of right of withdrawal, the day the contract is established in contracts regarding service performance; In the contracts for the delivery of goods, it starts on the day the consumer or the third party determined by the consumer receives the goods. However, the consumer can also use his right of withdrawal within the period from the establishment of the contract until the delivery of the goods.

(3) The right of withdrawal provisions regarding the delivery of goods are applied in the contracts.

(4) The notification regarding the use of the right of withdrawal shall be sent to the seller or supplier in writing or it is sufficient to be directed with a permanent data store. The seller or the provider is obliged to prove that the consumer has been informed about the right of withdrawal.

(5) If the seller has delivered the goods to the consumer within the withdrawal period, the consumer will can only be used to the extent required by a regular review. The usual review includes the first inspection of the item. In case the goods are used routinely, the consumer cannot use the right of withdrawal.

(6) Before the expiry of the right of withdrawal, the service started with the consent of the consumer. In service contracts, the consumer cannot use the right of withdrawal.

(7) The right of withdrawal cannot be used in financial leasing transactions where the consumer finds the seller. < / p>

(8) The right of withdrawal in favor of the consumer regarding other contracts regulated in the law are reserved.

Consequences of using the right of withdrawal

(1) In case of use, the seller or the provider is obliged to return the fee received within seven days from the date of receipt of the withdrawal notification and any document that puts the consumer under debt.

(2) The consumer, who uses the right of withdrawal, is obliged to return the contractual product to the seller within seven days from the date of withdrawal. Otherwise, the consumer is deemed not to have used the right of withdrawal.

(3) In case the right of withdrawal is used, the consumer must bear the return costs of the goods.

Consumer’s Right of Withdrawal in 2nd Distance Contracts,

The provisions regarding Distance Contracts are explained in Article 48 of the Law.

Distance contracts also contain some risks for the consumer, just like contracts made outside the same office. The defining feature in contracts made outside the workplace is that the parties meet physically outside of the ordinary contract establishment places such as shops, while the defining feature in distance contracts is that the parties do not meet at all. He does not even see the face of the consumer, seller or provider who makes a contract from his home through means such as phone, internet, letter. As a matter of fact, the problem with such contracts is that the sales contract is concluded without much thought, without having enough information about the contract and the details of the performance, without making a comparison with the contract terms of the same type of goods or services offered in the market, and without seeing the goods. Therefore, in these cases, it seems appropriate to enlighten the consumer about the contract and action in accordance with the Directive of the European Parliament and the Council No 2011/83 / EU on Consumer Rights dated 25/10/2011 and to give him a right of withdrawal.

In the Official Gazette dated 27.11.2015 & nbsp; Distance Contracts Regulation  has been published.

According to this regulation, the Use of the Consumer’s Right of Withdrawal and the Obligations of the Parties are determined as follows.

Right of withdrawal

(1) The consumer is free of contracts within fourteen days without any justification and without penal terms. has the right of withdrawal.

(2) Duration of withdrawal right i, on the day of establishment of the contract for service performance contracts; In the contracts for the delivery of goods, it starts on the day the consumer or the third party determined by the consumer receives the goods. However, the consumer can also use his right of withdrawal from the conclusion of the contract until the delivery of the goods.

(3) In determining the right of withdrawal;

a) The day the consumer or the third party designated by the consumer receives the last good for goods that are subject to a single order and are delivered separately,

b) For goods consisting of more than one piece, the day the consumer or the third party designated by the consumer receives the last part,

< p class = "p1"> c) In contracts where the goods are delivered regularly for a certain period of time, the day the consumer or the third party designated by the consumer receives the first goods

is taken as basis.

(4) Delivery of the goods to the carrier by the seller, the consumer is not considered submission.

(5) In contracts where the delivery of goods and service performance are made together, the right of withdrawal provisions regarding the delivery of goods are applied.

Incomplete information

(1) The seller or the provider is obliged to prove that the consumer has been informed about the right of withdrawal. If the consumer is not properly informed about the right of withdrawal, he is not bound for a period of fourteen days to exercise his right of withdrawal. This period, in any case, expires one year after the end of the withdrawal period.

(2) It is a one-year period to inform the right of withdrawal as required. If done within this period, the fourteen-day right of withdrawal starts from the day this notification is made properly.

Withdrawal use of the right

(1) Before the right of withdrawal of the right of withdrawal is expired, in writing or with a permanent data storage.

(2) In the exercise of the right of withdrawal, the consumer can use the form in the ANNEX or the explicit notice of the withdrawal decision. can also make a statement. The seller or the provider may also offer an option on the website so that the consumer can fill out this form or send the withdrawal declaration. In the event that consumers are provided with the right of withdrawal through the website, the seller or the provider must immediately transmit the confirmation information that the withdrawal requests submitted by the consumers have reached them.

(3) For sales made through audio communication, the seller or the supplier must send the form in the ANNEX to the consumer at the latest until the delivery of the goods or service. The consumer can use this form to use the right of withdrawal in such sales, as well as the methods in the second paragraph.

(4) The obligation of proof regarding the use of the right of withdrawal belongs to the consumer.

The obligations of the seller or provider

(1) The seller or the provider shall be charged within fourteen days from the date of receipt of the notification that the consumer has exercised his right of withdrawal, including the delivery costs of the goods to the consumer, if any.

(2) The seller or the provider is responsible for all refunds specified in the first paragraph, the payment used by the consumer when purchasing.

(3) Use of the right of withdrawal Within the scope of item (g) of the first paragraph of Article 5, if the goods are returned through the carrier specified by the seller for return, the consumer cannot be held responsible for the costs related to the return. If the seller does not specify any carrier for the return in the preliminary information, no fee is charged from the consumer for the return cost. If the carrier specified in the preliminary information for the return does not have a branch in the place where the consumer is located, the seller is obliged to ensure that the goods to be returned are received from the consumer without any additional costs.

Obligations of the consumer

(1) Unless the seller or supplier makes an offer to take back the goods, the consumer may withdraw has to return the goods to the seller or supplier or to the person he has authorized within ten days from the date of notification regarding the exercise of his right.

(2) The consumer is not responsible for the changes and deteriorations that occur if the product is used in accordance with its functioning, technical specifications and usage instructions during the withdrawal period.

Effect of the right of withdrawal on ancillary contracts

(1) Without prejudice to the provisions of article 30 of the Law, In case the consumer exercises his right of withdrawal, the ancillary contracts are automatically terminated. In this case, the consumer is not obliged to pay any expense, compensation or penalty except for the cases specified in the second paragraph of Article 13.

(2 ) The seller or the provider must immediately notify the third party that is the party of the ancillary contract that the consumer has used the right of withdrawal.

Exceptions to the right of withdrawal

(1) Unless otherwise agreed by the parties, the consumer cannot use the right of withdrawal in the following contracts:

a) Contracts for goods or services whose price varies depending on fluctuations in financial markets and that are not under the control of the seller or supplier.

b) Contracts for goods prepared in line with the wishes or personal needs of the consumer.

c) Perishable or delivery of goods that may expire contracts regarding enamel.

ç) From the goods whose protective elements such as packaging, tape, seal, package have been opened after delivery; Contracts for the delivery of those whose return is not suitable for health and hygiene.

d) For goods that are mixed with other products after delivery and which cannot be separated due to their nature. contracts.

e) If the protective elements such as packaging, tape, seal, package are opened after the delivery of the goods, the book presented in the material environment, digital contracts for content and computer supplies.

f) Contracts for the delivery of periodicals such as newspapers and magazines, except those provided under the subscription agreement.

g) Accommodation, moving goods, car rental, catering and entertainment or recreation, which should be done on a specific date or period contracts for the use of free time.

ğ) Services performed immediately in electronic environment v or contracts for intangible goods delivered immediately to the consumer.

h) Before the expiry of the right of withdrawal, regarding the services started with the consent of the consumer. contracts.

For responsive designs, we can say designs that are optimized for the screen sizes of desktop, mobile devices and tablets. Responsive themes are also very important in terms of SEO. Using a responsive theme will positively affect its performance in search engines. You can choose responsive themes in standard theme selections and special design works. All of our e-commerce packages include ready-made responsive themes. You can use the theme you want by switching between these themes.

To access responsive themes in your admin panel, click>>Design Settings> Design Settings> You can browse through the Designs tab. You can view by selecting the theme.


Mobile device view,

With the URL rewrite feature in Ticimax’s advanced SEO panel, you can edit your URLs in a more understandable, descriptive and user-friendly way for search engines.

URL rewrite while configuring your Product, Content, Category SEO settings You can use the application. You can rearrange your old URLs and create new URLs.

Google Tag Manager allows you to create and update tags for your website and mobile apps whenever you want, keeping up with the pace of your business. Google Tag Manager is easy to use and free. This means you’ll have more time and money to spend on your marketing campaigns. With its easy-to-use web interface, you can manage your tags yourself and configure your mobile applications. Thanks to this interface, you or your IT team do not need to write code or modify existing code.

& nbsp; 

reliable for IT

Google Tag Manager is designed for marketers but  user permissions , automatic error checking and  Debug Console .

Suitable for mobile devices

Google Tag Manager, which works smoothly on all devices, supports mobile websites and built-in mobile apps. You can even reconfigure your app monitoring after a user downloads your app .

Error free

Debug Console and Preview Mode allows you to validate new tags before publishing. Marketers can make sure their tags are triggered and webmasters can breathe a sigh of relief.

Compatible with other tags

Other   with tags  and many of them are built-in It has templates. You have the freedom to use useful tools for your business.

Agency friendly

Multi-account  support and   user permissions allows agencies to manage tags while customers It makes it easy for agencies to review their changes.

Flexible tag triggering

You rely on tags to collect the right data at the right moment. That’s why Google Tag Manager allows you to create custom rules and macros or use automatic activity tracking to track user actions with the required level of detail.

Modules > By using the Bulk Image Upload module, you can upload images collectively to the products you have uploaded via FTP. When you log in to the related page, you will be greeted by the following screen. In the rest of the article, detailed information is given about the numbered fields.

1- Image Sizing  

Normally, if you do not select this option, large, medium and small images of the products will be created automatically from the image path you specified in field number 3.
If you check this option, the page structure will change as follows and the large, middle and fields will appear where you can upload thumbnails individually.

2- Upload with Excel

If you do not want to match the names of the product images on your computer according to the inventory code, id or barcode, you can use the option to load with Excel. When you choose this option, the structure of the page will change as follows. If you are going to use this structure, as in the sample Excel file, you need to prepare which product name corresponds to which product in the system in Excel form and upload the file.


In this field, you need to write the path of the image that is sent to you by our support team and upload the pictures to the server collectively via FTP programs (FileZilla). 


If you have defined the image names on your computer according to the variations of the products, you should check this option. If you do not select this option, the image you add to the main product will be valid for all variations of the product as in manual image upload.


According to which of the fields you have made, you must specify in this field.


In this field, you need to specify whether the images you will FTP from your computer are “.jpg” or “.png”.


Multiple image upload is used to transfer more than one image to a product. When you select this option, two more options will be added to the page as below. You need to specify whether you separate the image names of the 2nd, 3rd …. images that you will upload to a product with dash (-) or underscore (_). For example, if 3 pictures will be uploaded to the product with 1111 id, the names of the pictures; It should be 1111_1.jpg, 1111_2.jpg, 1111_3.jpg.


With this option, you can upload images only to products that have no pictures.

NOTE: If you forward your request to add a batch image to our technical support teams, you will be provided with FTP access programs, your FTP login information. and process steps etc. guide on issues. 

You can easily add your cargo tracking numbers to your orders.

First of all, you can list all your orders from the Orders / Order list field.

For which order will be added a cargo tracking number, click the item mark for the “Order Status” field to change the status to “Cargo. It is marked as ”given”.


After the order status has been sent to the cargo, you can select the Non-Integrated option in the window that opens, select the Order Product Status “Given to the Cargo”, then enter the cargo tracking number you obtained from your cargo authority and say save.

In this way, the relevant order status will now be shipped. In this way, when the Order status is updated, an information mail will be sent to the user with your cargo tracking number.

You can view the cargo tracking number by clicking on the order detail.

To get domain names with extension, you must apply to & nbsp; with the required documents. If your domain name is not the same as your company name, then you need a trademark registration certificate or a trademark application document. If the company name is the same as the domain name you want to purchase, no trademark documents are required. & Nbsp;

** If the domain name will be purchased by us, it will be sufficient to send it to us with the following documents. Then we will start the application process. & Nbsp;

*** In addition to the documents listed below, & nbsp; Please, after your domain name application (online), together with the required official document & nbsp;Do not forget to send the Domain Name Allocation Form . Otherwise, domain name allocation will not be able to be & nbsp; due to missing documents.” Required documents for
It will be sufficient to send only   one   of the following official documents suitable for your field of activity.
  • Name-surname For, no documents are required for domain name applications that match the identity information of   However, in case the identity information and the domain name applied for do not match exactly or there is a technical problem while connecting to the Mernis system, T.C. photocopy of the identity card with the identification number & nbsp; or   In addition to the photocopy of the identity card without an identification number, T.C. A photocopy of the printout taken from a web page with the identification number,
  • For commercial entities and organizations,   any of the documents mentioned in the following three items   ,
    • “Certificate of Activity”, “Trade Registry Certificate”, “Chamber Registration Copy” obtained from the Chamber of Commerce or Turkey Trade Commercial title announcement published in the Registry Gazette,
    • “Trademark Registration Certificate” or “Trademark Application Document” obtained from the Turkish Patent Institute,
    • from the Chamber of Tradesmen and Craftsmen of Turkey “Registry Certificate” or “Commercial Registry Gazette”,
  • To create a portal for the relevant settlement, Request letter signed by the mayor for the applicant municipalities,
  • Foundation for associations or chambers, “Association Statute “,” Foundation Act “or” Establishment Law “,
  • “Tourism Management Certificate” obtained from the Ministry of Tourism for hotels and holiday villages,
  • For travel agencies,   “Travel Agency Operation Certificate” obtained from the Ministry of Tourism,
  • For private teaching institutions,   Ministry of National Education “Private Education Institutions License”,
  • For television programs,   “Television Screening Document” obtained from the Ministry of Culture
  • For movie titles,   Registration certificate obtained from the Ministry of Culture, General Directorate of Copyright and Cinema,
  • For artists,   member registration certificate from their professional association, association or chamber (MESAM, SESAM, ÇASOD, etc.),
  • For private hospitals,   “Private Hospital Opening and Responsible Management License” obtained from the Ministry of Health,
  • For liaison offices,   “Liaison Office Opening Certificate” obtained from the Prime Ministry Undersecretariat of Treasury, General Directorate of Foreign Capital,
  • For,   organizations that are the distributor or representative of a foreign organization in Turkey need a registration certificate for the applied domain name. In addition, a signed and stamped authorization certificate on the letterheads that certify that the domain name applied for can be obtained by the distributor or the representative company of the name owner company,
  • Radyo ve televizyonlar için, Official letter from the Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTÜK) informing the frequency allocation,
  • For magazines and newspapers,   “original of the magazine / newspaper” and “Certificate of Receipt of Mevkute Declaration”,
  • For non-periodicals, the original of   ,
  • For drug names,   “Foreign Medical Preparations License”,
  • Registration certificate for farms, from the chamber of agriculture to which   is affiliated.
  • For ships,   “Republic of Turkey Ship Certification”
  • For fairs,   “Fair Schedule Notification from the Ministry of Industry and Trade” published in the Official Gazette or “Fair Permit Letter” from the Ministry of Industry and Trade
  • For private numbers,   “Special Service Number Allocation Certificate” obtained from the Turkish Telecommunication Authority

You can integrate your own design into the system. For this, it is enough to get CSS information from our technical teams. Then, you can integrate your design in line with your coding knowledge. Our technical team will help you with the details.

You can not just remove the information “This Site is Prepared with Ticimax Advanced E-Commerce Systems” at the end of the page. This article is not removed in any way.

From your admin panel  Orders>Error codes and responses are given below for errors received through   virtual pos  on the  page of Erroneous Payment Records.

  • 00: APPROVED
  • 01: CALL BANK
  • 53: NO ACCOUNT
  • 76: KEY SYN. ERROR
  • 82: CVV ERROR / RED
  • 34: FAKE CARD
  • 41: LOST CARD

To see your Google Analytics e-commerce data, you must activate the Google Analytics E-commerce settings. After activating the E-Commerce settings, the data will begin to decline within 24 hours. From time to time, the data may fall into the system with a delay due to google analytics. Google Analytics You can set your E-commerce settings to Google Analytics > You can configure it from Admin> View E-commerce area.

Activate your e-commerce settings. Defining conversion funnels allows you to visualize the conversion stages. Google Analytics > Conversions > Goals > You can view your reports from Funnel Visualization.

Google Analytics to your e-commerce reports > Goals > You can reach under the e-commerce tab.

Below we have brought together the payment systems preferred by e-commerce sites for you. You can work with the payment system that is suitable for you, you can get detailed information from our customer representatives for all details. All payment methods are available in our e-commerce infrastructure

Paypal ( )

Paypal, traditional payment Small businesses, online stores, individuals, etc. You can easily receive payment from credit and debit cards from your e-commerce site by adding your Paypal infrastructure to your site.

For this you need to open a commercial account in paypal.

Pay with Ipara ( )

İpara is the online payment service of Multinet Kurumsal Hizmetler A.Ş. Direct payment system allows you to have virtual POS of 7 banks within 1 day with a single integration and receive payment in single withdrawals or installments from all virtual poses.

Payment with PayU ( )

An internationally operating payment developed for PayU e-commerce sites system. With its virtual POS solutions, advanced fraud prevention filters, 24/7 expert fraud monitoring team and many other services, PayU ranks first among the payment methods preferred by e-commerce sites in Turkey. You can get virtual mail from 7 banks with 50% discount.

Payment with BKM Express ( www.bkmexpress. )

BKM Express is an alternative payment system that allows shopping on the internet without sharing card information. Thanks to BKM Express, users can pay with credit cards or debit cards of 17 banks or They can send money from their phones.

Use Goals to measure how often users complete certain actions.

It is very important that you have a good configuration of the Google Analytics field in order to measure traffic and monitor and evaluate the performance of your site. You can check whether you are reaching your business goals by defining the transactions that are valuable to you as targets. These are sales, membership, form filling, etc., the actions you want users to do. Unless you define a goal, you will not be able to evaluate your Google Analytics data correctly.


Sign in to Google Analytics then Admin >View>Log in to Goals


.. You can start defining goals that matter to you..


..The “Shopping Completed” option is selected to track the completed conversions for e-commerce sites. Of course, if you want to follow user transactions at each step before, you can add them as a target for other steps one by one. If you want to visualize the conversion steps of your users while completing the conversion, it is enough to activate the funnel. **** The links that should be written according to the steps are given in the next table.


…After defining your goal, you can create the steps that will take place in your funnel according to the order steps. Order step addresses for all packages are as follows. You can also organize your goals according to these extensions..


…for more detailed information You can visit the help page.

Google Adwords Feed, located in the integrations area, is the product inventory required for Google Adwords Shopping ads. It is available in your admin panel in XML format and if you add this XML to Google Merchant Center, you will upload all products on your site to Google Merchant Center in one step.

Sample shopping ads format is given below;



To enter your product inventory in Google Merchant Center;

1)Google Merchant Center  sign in, register, follow the instructions in the settings tab and verify.

Login to the Feeds tab in the categories on the left, click on register feed,


3) Write your feed name, select the country as Turkey, you can write your filename as .ashx extension,


4) You should choose planned fetches,


5) You can choose the update time of your feed, just write the AdWords feed link in the Integrations area of your admin panel in the part that says file URL. You can then save your feed for approval. The feeds can be approved in 3 business days. In any case, you can visit the Merchant center help page.


GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) provides globally valid solutions for all products traded (priced, ordered, invoiced). GTIN defines each product or service used in trade uniquely. Allocation of GTIN is standard all over the world.

About Similar Product Identifiers

Unique product identifiers are used as “identification” to identify the products you sell in the global market. It goes beyond the [id] attribute. Common unique product identifiers include Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs), Manufacturer Part Numbers (MPNs), and brand names. Your ads can be made richer and easier to find by users when you submit unique product identifiers (especially GTINs). For the complete document on Google’s unique product identifiers You can review the link.




Unique types of product identifiers

In order to be included in the edde, you must have entered the barcode numbers on the products. Barcode numbers will be included in the feed as GTIN.

Adwords Product Feed Link

You need to upload your product catalog to Facebook in order to promote your products on Facebook, create a product flow and make dynamic remarketing activities related to the products. You can upload your Facebook catalog in XML format on It is a free Facebook tool where businesses can manage their Facebook pages and ad accounts. If one If you do not have an account, you can register with your facebook account.  

In the left menu tabs of, go to the Product catalogs area and select add a new catalog,


then give your catalog a name and continue with the create catalog selection,



Start configuring your catalog settings in the screen that opens, first add the stream name as in the example, select the currency and continue by selecting the installation type,


It is left to add your products to the stream URL field, for this process, take the link of the Facebook Product Feed in the integrations area on the admin panel of your e-commerce site and add it to the Stream URL field and upload your catalog.


After the process, you will see a loading screen like the one below. After the installation is completed, the report regarding your product catalog will appear on the screen. About the results If there is an error or warning, it will be included in the report.


You can check the products on the products page after installation. You can start your advertising work by associating your Facebook product catalog with your advertising account.

For Google Merchant Center verification process, login to , then configure your account by entering your company information in the business information tab. Select alternative methods for verification and claiming process and continue with HTML tag, the code in quotes  admin>settings>general settings > Paste it in the Google verification section in the search engine settings and save >>   After the transaction, come to your Google Merchant Center account and make a verification and claim.

* After verifying with the HTML tag, your Ticimax e-commerce infrastructure creates an additional HTML file in the background. 

 Google Merchant Center verification and claiming;

Electronic Commerce Information System (ETBİS), which came into force to prevent informality in e-commerce and to increase e-commerce volume, was put into service. You must register and notify ETBİS until December 31, 2017.. 

* If you have more than one domain name, you must add each to the system

* REM address is required for registration.

* Electronic Communiqué on Trade Information System and Notification Obligations; ttp://

*Electronic Commerce Information System  (ETBİS) Click for registration and notification principles. etbis-registration-and-notification-principles

User transactions on your ” Member workplace number ” (your license number) support area panel during the registration process > You can access it from my licenses tab.

AdExplanationLocationFormatFeed Feature
Universal Product Code (UPC); Also called GTIN-12 and UPC-AIt is a unique numerical identifier for commercial products, usually associated with a barcode printed on the retail item.Mainly North America 12-digit number GTIN
European Item Number (EAN); Also called GTIN-13 A unique numerical identifier for commercial products, usually associated with a barcode printed on the retail item. Predominantly outside of North America Typical 13-digit number (sometimes 8 or 14-digit number) as GTIN
Japan Item Number (JAN); Also called GTIN-13 A unique numerical identifier for commercial products, usually associated with a barcode printed on the retail item. Japan only 8 or 13 digits number GTIN
International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a unique numerical identifier for commercial books printed since 1970 and located on the back of the books with the barcode. Worldwide ISBN-10 : 10-digit number (the last digit is “X”, representing the number “10”. may).
Note that this format was deprecated in 2007 and not all books can be represented using ISBN-10.
ISBN-13 (recommended) : Usually a 13-digit number starting with 978 or 979
Brand is the brand of the product. Worldwide name. Brand
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN) Worldwide Alphanumeric digits (various lengths) MPN