Reaching your customers is now easier

You can find all the marketing features you need to reach new customers and grow your business in IdeaSoft Smart E-commerce Packages.

Google Turkey
& IdeaSoft Collaboration

With the cooperation of IdeaSoft, Google’s Premier Partner, with Google, you can take advantage of the special advantages of Google Ads and take your business one step ahead on the internet.

* Creating shopping ads without integration
* High performance Google Ads ads
* Special gift advertising coupons for IdeaSoft customers
* Opportunity to work one-on-one with our Google Ads experts

Smart Ad Automation

Thanks to our AutoPilot product, you can start shopping ads on Google Ads with a single click, without the need for an advertising agency or technical knowledge, and achieve high sales figures.

* Automatically set up and link Google Ads and Google Merchant Center accounts
* Automatically transfer products to Merchant Center and submit to Google for approval
* Automatic generation of tracking codes required for advertisements and automatic transfer to the panel
* Automatically create, run and optimize ad campaigns


Pack the products you want to sell together, offer an advantageous offer to your customers, and increase your sales, thanks to the combi module, which is one of the most effective marketing methods.

* You can create combinations by grouping products with similar usage areas or seasons.
* You can increase your basket average with the feature of adding all the products in the combination to the basket at once.
* Thanks to the “Combined Combinations” feature, if a product on your site is included in your combinations, you can also show your combinations with your product in the similar products section of your product detail page.
* You can define combined special discounts for your customers who want to buy the combined products together.

Subscription Module

The subscription system is a solution that allows your customers to automatically shop from your site at the intervals they determine. Thanks to the subscription feature, your customers will provide ease of ordering for the products they purchase regularly. You can increase your sales thanks to the automatically advancing order and payment stages.

* Automatic order creation within the time interval specified by the customer
* Creating special discount campaigns for subscribers
* Orders and collections that do not require tracking

With Promotion
Order Scenarios

You can organize promotions specific to more than 40 scenarios such as ‘buy two pay one’, ‘buy three get one free’. You can make product, category, brand-based promotions, as well as create discounts or extra points campaigns over the total amount of shopping.

* 40+ advanced campaign scenarios
* Creating a category or brand-specific campaign
* Basket or product based strategy development


With the InstaShop module, you can list your Instagram posts on your InstaShop page, match the products in your posts with the products on your site, and offer your customers a fast and easy shopping experience.

* Product listing on InstaShop page
* A quick and easy shopping experience on Instagram

Coupon And
Gift Voucher Identification

You can increase the likelihood of your visitors to shop by defining discount coupons and gift certificates with different scenarios for your products on your site.

* Coupon identification specific to product, category, brand
* Valid checks and coupons by date range and cart total
* Defining discount vouchers and coupons for specific or all members
* Bulk gift certificate and coupon identification

Media Marketing

You can ensure that your e-commerce site works in integration with your social media accounts. You can share your innovations and campaigns on social media platforms and enable your customers to share the products on your site.

* Automatic Facebook sharing, like buttons
* Social media links such as Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest
* Specially reporting orders from social media

Virtual Store

The Ideasoft e-commerce system allows you to publish your products on your Facebook page in a tab called “Store”. In this way, you can display your products to your customers visiting your Facebook page and increase your sales.

* Posting products in the Facebook “Store” tab

Order Line

When the WhatsApp order module is activated, your visitors can contact you with the phone number you specify. When your visitors clicking on the WhatsApp logo send you a message, you will be informed from which product page they are contacting.

* Communication with visitors via WhatsApp

Bulk E-mail
And Sms Sending

If you want to make announcements to your members, inform them about your campaigns or send your periodic newsletters, you can send bulk e-mails through your admin panel.

* Sending e-mail to all members or to the members you specify
* Email design with template creator
* Special SMS sending for order status


With IdeaSoft, you can make iOS and Android mobile applications for your e-commerce site. With your mobile applications, you can offer quick and easy solutions to your customers, send instant notifications, and define special discounts.

* Publish your site’s Android and iOS apps
* Defining special discounts for those using the mobile application
* Send instant free notifications (push notification)

Basket And
Order Reminder

With the basket reminder module, you can send a reminder e-mail themed “There is a product in your basket” to your members who add products to the basket and then close the page without completing their shopping.

* Automatic basket reminder mailing option
* Ability to set time to send basket reminder mail

Pop-ups And
Promo Bar Management

pop-up; These are the windows that open when visitors browse your site. With pop-ups, you can inform your visitors about your advertisements, announcements and campaigns. You can also create an info bar at the top or bottom of your site where you can send your various announcements and offers.

* Designing special pop-up and info bar for your e-commerce site
* Set pop-up display frequency and time interval
* Pop-up display to the visitor who is about to leave the site
* Fixed and collapsible info bar options

Setting a Shipping Limit

You can offer your visitors a free shipping option for orders over a certain basket amount. With the advantageous shipping prices provided by IdeaSoft, you can increase your customers’ purchasing percentage and your turnover by paying low shipping costs.

* Setting the minimum cart amount for the free shipping option

Point System

With the money point system, your customers can earn points when they perform actions such as placing an order, commenting, participating in a survey, inviting, recommending, etc. In this way, you can enable your customers to shop more often.

* Different scenarios that you can define for money points
* Determining the TL equivalent of the points earned
* Set minimum points total and basket amount to spend
* Earning points for the customer who sent the invitation

Dynamic Remarketing

Thanks to the remarketing code section in the IdeaSoft panel, you can show the advertisements of the products that your visitors have viewed and not purchased, on other websites. You can invite your visitors to your site with remarketing ads to continue their shopping.

* Management of remarketing campaigns with Google Ads

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