End-to-End Order Management

We provide end-to-end service for order tracking, collection processes, sales reporting and cargo processes.

Easy Ordering
Tracking and Management

Apart from classical methods, there are special solutions to track your orders, manage the cargo process and report purchases. You can see the source (referrer) of your orders and filter your orders by payment type, order date or sold product name.

* Management of order processes (shipping, approval, information)
* Management of unfinished orders
* Order reporting


Thanks to many payment methods that work integrated with the IdeaSoft infrastructure, you can offer various payment opportunities to your customers.

* Bank virtual POS
* Collection by money order and EFT
* Payment system at the door
* No-shopping collection module
* Alternative virtual pos solutions such as Iyzico, iPara, Wirecard, PayTrek, PayTR, HepsiPay, ParamPos, GarantiPay, Paynet

Without a Member
Shopping Completion

At the order stage, you can require your visitors to login or allow them to shop without being a member.

* Shop without a member
* Fast membership with Facebook and Google accounts
* Special product pricing for member groups

Member / Reseller
Order Reporting

You can manage the orders of your customers and dealers on a single screen. You can report your orders according to time, status, group and other filters, and measure which sales channel brings more sales.

* Daily, weekly, monthly, periodic order reporting
* Member and product based sales reports
* Management of orders from a single screen
* Management of delivered, pending and returned orders

Cargo Management

You can start working with the cargo companies you want through the cargo management module. You can manage the cargo operations of the orders you will send to any point in Turkey separately, and you can automatically calculate the cargo prices that you will determine based on desi, region or payment method.

* Cargo tracking system
* Management of delivery provinces and regions
* Determine delivery date and time
* Identify gift wrap and note

Shipping Price

The cargo price is calculated automatically according to the delivery region over the weight / desi value defined for the products and is added to the order price.

* Set a fixed shipping rate
* Determination of shipping fee according to desi, location, number of packages
* Free shipping definition over cart amount
* Product-based free shipping identification

Order Link

You can create a ready basket by selecting the products you want on your site from the ‘Quick Buy’ section, and use the created basket link in any area of ​​your site. When your visitors click on the quick buy link, all the products you specify will be automatically added to their carts.

* Ability to add different products to the basket in packages

Invoice Module

Siparişlerinizin faturalarını almak için tekrardan muhasebe programına girdi yapmanıza gerek kalmadan e-ticaret paneliniz üzerinden faturanızı yazdırabilirsiniz.

* Invoice design with drag and drop method
* Management of fields such as invoice size, width, character size


Admin Panel

With the IdeaSoft Mobile Admin application, you can quickly manage and edit your site on your phone.

* Order and cargo process management
* Get notified of new orders with instant notification

(B2B) Infrastructure

You can define different discount rates for your dealers by creating different dealer groups on your site. You can diversify or limit the payment methods, number of installments and maturity rates of your dealers.

* Determining dealer-based maximum and minimum order quantity

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