You Can Use Dozens of Different Payment Methods

All bank virtual POS infrastructures, alternative payment systems, money order and EFT, cash on delivery system and much more

Whole Bank
Virtual POS Infrastructures

The online collection infrastructures of all banks that offer virtual POS services are integrated with the IdeaSoft system. By easily integrating the virtual pos infrastructure of the bank you want into your site, you can receive payments from your customers with debit and credit cards.

* Online collection infrastructures of all banks
* Secure shopping with 3D Secure system
* Editing installment and maturity rates
* Defining banks’ plus installment campaigns

Paying System

Instead of making virtual pos applications to banks one by one, you can start using virtual pos systems of many banks instantly through alternative payment methods and get paid quickly.

* Iyzico, iPara, Wirecard, PayTrek, PayTR, HepsiPay, ParamPos, Sipay, Paynet integration
* Immediate integration with multiple payment systems
* Instant virtual POS without waiting for bank processes

Wire Transfer And EFT
Payment Infrastructure

By defining your bank information and account numbers, you can offer the opportunity to pay by money order or EFT for your customers who do not want to use credit or debit cards.

* Wire transfer and EFT options

At he Door
Payment System

You can offer your customers the opportunity to pay through the cargo company that delivers the products. With this system, your customer approves his cart while shopping on your e-commerce site, the relevant amount is collected and deposited into your account when the cargo arrives.

* Payment options by cash or credit card at the door
* Setting minimum and maximum limit for payment at the door

No Shopping
Collection Module

With the collection module, you can collect from your customers, dealers or solution partners without purchasing any products.

* Ability to collect debts and receivables
* Retailer-specific payment system limitation
* Defining POS rates specific to dealers

3D Secure
Safe Shopping With

3D Secure prevents purchases made with a fake or stolen credit or debit card with a confirmation SMS sent to the cardholder’s phone. With this system, you can prevent possible negative situations that may occur in internet shopping.

* Increasing security in shopping with 3D Secure
* Receiving payment with SMS confirmation during shopping

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