Display your products as you wish on your site

You can easily add your products, photos and descriptions of products, variant information to your e-commerce site, and offer them for sale instantly with one click.

Product, Category
and Brand Management

IdeaSoft allows you to easily manage your online store with its user-friendly interface. From the Products tab; You can manage your products, brands and categories from a single center.

* Quick or detailed update of product, category and brand pages
* Creating a category tree
* Adding a product to more than one category
* Mass product, brand, category update
* Product copying to create a similar product
* Adding additional features such as color, size, number or ring size

Bulk Product
Add and Update

No matter how many your products are, you can make all your product entries and update product information at once. If you wish, you can update with API, XML or Excel formats. You can change the category, brand, supplier, price, stock, desi and many more fields of your products at once with batch operations.

* Bulk insert and update with API, XML and Excel
* Batch actions from the IdeaSoft administration panel
* Accounting and ERP integrations
* Automatic product, stock and price management

Rich Product
Visual Options

You can easily upload multiple product images from your IdeaSoft panel, add your product videos and 360-degree photos. You can increase the purchasing probability of your potential customers with rich product images taken from different angles.

* Add multiple product photos
* Determine the showcase image
* Ability to use 360-degree visuals
* Ability to add product detail video

Variant Management

The product variant section allows you to define your products according to their characteristics such as color, size, number. You can manage stock and price for each variant and upload separate images. The product and its variations can also work integrated with accounting and ERP.

* Product variants discount, price, stock management
* Product filtering by variations
* Accounting and ERP integrations
* Batch variant update operations


Pack the products you want to sell together, offer an advantageous offer to your customers, and increase your sales, thanks to the combi module, which is one of the most effective marketing methods.

* You can create combinations by grouping products with similar usage areas or seasons.
* You can increase your basket average with the feature of adding all the products in the combination to the basket at once.
* Thanks to the “Combined Combinations” feature, if a product on your site is included in your combinations, you can also show your combinations with your product in the similar products section of your product detail page.
* You can define combined special discounts for your customers who want to buy the combined products together.

Smart Search
and Product Filtering

With its smart search and filter options, it allows your customers and visitors to easily find the products they are looking for. With smart filtering, you can offer filtering options according to the characteristics of your products such as color, size, size, model.

Thanks to the smart search, you can track the search volumes from your management panel and highlight the most searched products.

* Defining filters according to product features
* Filter sorting and sequencing
* Search statistics tracking
* Search by name, barcode, stock codes

Product Specific
Search Engine Optimization

You can do search engine optimization for each of your products. You can increase the performance of your products in search engine results by using fields such as product title, product description, keywords, and link of the page.

* Title, description and keyword definitions
* Product label definitions
* Automatic address formatting


With the product comparison feature, your visitors can easily compare the features of more than one product. By displaying your products side by side on the same screen, you can provide an easy comparison experience and shorten the purchasing decision processes.

* Add to comparison list
* Grouping comparison properties
* Quick purchase after comparison

Product Integrations

You can transfer the product data of the supplier companies you want to work with to your site. You can make thousands of products ready for sale within minutes by updating the price, stock, detail and picture of the products transferred through the suppliers.

* Bulk product pull and update from suppliers
* Bulk product update from suppliers
* Industry supplier agreements

Accounting and ERP
IdeaSoft Platform

It can work integrated with all accounting programs and ERP solutions through API and XML services. With accounting software integrations, you can automate both your stock and price management processes and your warehouse/order management processes. You can get rid of managing integration processes with accounting software integrators.

* Integrated with Integra and StockMount
* Parachute, Nebim, Logo, Mikro solutions
* Custom integration solutions with API

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