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Thanks to IdeaSoft’s search engine optimization (SEO) features, you can rank higher in search engines and increase your number of visitors organically.

Automatic Search
Engine Optimization

From the moment you open your e-commerce site, many of your search engine optimization settings are made automatically. Our infrastructure has been prepared in a way that will enable your products to rank higher in search engines more easily.

* Automatic URL identification
* Code structure that speeds up page loading
* Mobile compatible pages

Analysis Module

With this module, which evaluates your content such as product name, meta title, product description according to the keywords you will determine in terms of SEO, you can increase your organic traffic by making your content SEO compatible.

* Incomplete content warnings in terms of target keyword based SEO
* Target keyword check for product image names

SEO Analysis

You can get information about the SEO performance of your competitors and update your marketing and seo strategies in line with this information, thanks to our report prepared specifically for you by our expert team for the 3 competing companies you will determine.

* Search engine performance analysis of competitors

Product Based
SEO Features

You can enter SEO information separately for all products in your online store, or you can write a dynamic SEO content that will be automatically added to all your products with rule definition.

* Product URL configuration
* Search engine optimization on image
* Defining product specific title (meta title), description (meta description), title tags (heading (H1-6) tags), keyword tags

Brand and Category
Based Search Engine Settings

You can define links for your category and brand pages, enter keywords, create special fields and write content describing the relevant page. With the work you will do, you can be more visible in search engines.

* Title, description and keyword definition
* Creating custom content area for showcases
* Visual and content areas specific to categories and brands
* Set page URL

SEO Update

You can save time by updating the titles (meta title), descriptions (meta description) and keywords (keyword tags) of your products at once.

* Easy SEO update with ready Excel file

Google Analytics
panel integration

You can integrate Google Analytics, which is a product where you can examine all visitor data of your e-commerce site, into your e-commerce site free of charge, and you can track your Analytics data from your IdeaSoft panel.

* Review session-based traffic data
* Examining visitor-based traffic data
* Statistics tracking by time interval

Use of Services

With the IdeaSoft infrastructure, you can easily start using many services such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, which Google offers for website analysis and development.

* Google Analytics e-commerce tracking feature
* Google Analytics order tracking
* Google Analytics basket tracking
* Google Search Console sitemap verification

Image Search
Engine Optimization

You can add a description for search engines to the images you use on your site, so you can highlight your products in the image search results.

* Adding alt tag (alt text) and description to the product image
* Feature the product image with image SEO

Link (URL) Configurator

Internet addresses (URL) of your product, category, brand and all other pages on your e-commerce site are automatically created in accordance with search engines. You can also change these addresses manually. With our Google Rich Snippets compatible infrastructure, you can show your information such as price and stock in the search results.

* Automatic address configurator (URL Rewrite)
* Google Rich Snippet feature


You can quickly and easily redirect the links on your current site or on your site that you have used with another infrastructure, to the links you have created, and start using your new links without losing your previous search engine rankings.

* Ability to make 301 redirects without having to change the codes of the site

builder module

With the sitemap.xml support of IdeaSoft, which allows you to create a sitemap with one click, you can quickly introduce the pages of your e-commerce site to Google and speed up your optimization process.

* One-click sitemap (sitemap.xml) generation

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