IOS and Android Native E-commerce Mobile Application

Stay in touch with your customers, regardless of time and place, by offering a faster and easier shopping experience with your native mobile application!

Why Should You Use a Mobile Application?

Potential customers tend to spend more on an app compared to online websites. One of the most important advantages of applications is that they help increase customer loyalty.

Improved UX, usability and easy navigation of the mobile app ensure high conversion rates.

High Speed ​​and Performance

With our applications developed natively, your users
they get the highest performance they can get from the application. also
All useful innovations on the Android platform in a very short time
can be integrated into our applications. Device using the application
Perfect integration with hardware (Camera, GPS, phone,
touch screen etc.) provides a much better user experience.


High speed
and performance

Multiple Currency
and Language Option
Panel Management

You can see the order of your home blocks via the admin panel.
You can edit, add or remove new blocks.
The content you want to refer to (product, category,
brand, supplier etc.) and content linking by linking to blocks.
you can easily, in a single step you can upload your images to your homepage.
you can complete your loads and layouts.

Rich Design Options

Thanks to our spacious and modern application interfaces,
you can offer a unique experience. In your application; color font
by making changes in the homepage layout.
You can customize your application according to your brand identity.

You can use your native application to be compatible with your e-commerce site.
Use mobile shopping with advancing technology
behind your competitors in the internet world where the day is increasing

With Barcode

With the advanced search structure, you can search by scanning the barcode or entering the barcode number.


A notification is sent when there is a stock update regarding the products your customers are waiting for.


A notification is sent when there is a price update related to the products that your customers expect a price decrease.

Advanced Mobile Features

We have prepared according to the mobile shopping experience, modern and
with its user-friendly design structure; specific to your brand and your business
thanks to the menu and category structures you can set
your customers to have a pleasant shopping experience
you provide. In addition, color, font, layout specific (homepage)
you can make changes.

Dynamic homepage structure with banner, slider, category slider and
A completely unique home page using product lists
You can make your customers experience.

Multiple Currency and Language Options

Shop in multiple languages ​​and currencies with your app
You can offer the opportunity to do it. By default the user’s mobile
language in English or Turkish by matching the language of the application
selection is set, however, your customers can also be manually
They can choose the language within the application.

With its multi-language and currency feature, you can use your mobile application as a customer.
you can localize it specifically.

Concurrent Working

The era of manual stock management on your mobile application is over!
The stocks of your products in your application and your e-commerce site
stocks work simultaneously. Simultaneous update feature
from time, cost, product loading and stock updating.
you save labor.

Push Notifications

With the Push Notification feature, discounts, campaigns and other
By sharing your special offers, you can attract the attention of your customers.
Just to give information about discounts or campaigns
not; You can also use it to present your private works to your members.

Push notifications allow you to increase sales through your mobile application.
is a great marketing tool that will provide!