” Whatever is privileged with you. With our special software service, we develop completely special technical features and modules for you. In addition, besides your E-Commerce site, special application solutions that will lighten your operational burden, work for your profitability, manage your operations such as logistics, warehouse management, customer service, switchboard and robot integrations, support are available at Premium Support.”

Custom E-Commerce Software Service

As Digital Help A.Ş, we offer you special e-commerce software services. As D-Help, we eliminate borders with e-commerce software specific to your brand with the power of professional staff and Ticimax’s advanced cloud e-commerce structure. Your E-Commerce site software We listen to you for their needs, we project them, convey our 10 years of experience and prepare them completely for you. Thus, it prevents you from wasting time for various reasons, we develop specific technical features and modules for you.

  • E-commerce software for you
  • Custom design for your customers’ audience
  • An erp and crm system working on efficiency
Winning the Right Customer

Getting the right customer is the most important factor for e-commerce. The right customers are on the way to become a loyal customer with the right service. In order for you to get this audience, you must come to the fore in relevant words in search engines. You can do this by advertising, or by doing e-commerce seo work. The difference between the two is that one comes to the fore with small costs over time, and after a certain period of time, you have to spend money on a regular basis while the other is not costing. We offer you the best service in both areas.

Accounting & ERP Integrations

Regardless of your accounting and ERP program, it runs integrated with your e-commerce software with special meetings and solutions regarding the integration infrastructure,

We make special software developments with solutions without dealing with 3rd party companies for your workloads.

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