Regional Seo?

Regional SEO is an important search engine optimization for businesses. It is a search engine optimization study that allows your company to come to the fore in search engines in the city / city or region where it is located.

To illustrate this, you are a female hairdresser or electrician in the province of your invention and you have a website. If you have a dedicated SEO staff in your city, it is a work that will come to the forefront in words such as “Samsun Bayan Hairdresser” or “Samsun Electrician”, “Samsun rental car” for customers searching in your city. In this way, you can directly address the customer seeking service.

How does it work?

We apply a completely focused work on your company. We bring your site to the forefront in regional searches with the trend words that we will determine together in your region. The trend in the words you will determine, the regional SEO work done by different companies is the main factor in the time your site comes to the first place.

After starting the study, it depends on whether you are in the top 3 in the ranking according to word difficulty. However, after a certain period of time, your site will definitely enter the top 3. Then you can take the 1st place in the continuation of the study. The fiction and work we do is about your coming to the first place.

Why Should You Choose Us?

We work success-oriented, not money-oriented like other companies. That’s why we don’t call you this much money per month. Each transaction has separate pricing and is economical.

Customer Focused Work

We exhibit completely customer-oriented work. We create and apply personalized setups. We do not make a general fiction like most companies.

We are in communication

We keep track of the words our customers want, and we hold regular discussions and meetings about them.

UX Experience

We make detailed UX work for your customers to navigate your site successfully and convey what needs to be fixed.

We Work With Success Oriented

The success of our customers means our success. Therefore, we do result-oriented work in all our works.

We Follow

We regularly monitor the order of the words determined in our studies and measure the interaction rates of the words.

We Provide Unique Content

Our team creates content that is unique and fully suited to search engines. Your site will stay up-to-date and you will rise in different words.