Your Data at Your Fingertips

SmartyData is an e-commerce data analysis program that is developed by prioritizing e-commerce needs and uses business intelligence and data mining. With Smartydaya, you can explore unlimitedly by bringing all your data together.

Explore the world of your data

Did you know that your data is talking to you? SmartyData acts as a language for them.

A Professional and Excited Team

Accelerate your success

We can help you make faster, more informed decisions about your data and your business. Grow your business with accurate and reliable analysis.

Generate powerful reports

Connect to hundreds of sources, prepare data easily, and generate powerful reports in minutes with SmartyData.

Get regular notifications

We are always with you with action notifications. You can receive notifications when data changes and look at the reports in detail. What/Where/When did it trend? We let you know and get ahead of everyone.

Easy and fast use

Responsive design for all devices. Access reports from any device wherever and whenever you want. Quickly discover your data using search or filtering.

Submit your requests instantly

You can contact us directly through the requests menu in SmartyData and report your requests and complaints.

Your data is safe

Every data packet exchanged on the system is protected by state-of-the-art encryption techniques. There is no data loss. No one but you can access your data.

How does SmartyData work?

Go from data to analytics in minutes.


You can quickly become a member by filling out the registration form. All you need to access your data is the service information of your e-commerce provider. After you become a member, you can automatically start the transfer of your data by entering your service information on the SmartyData panel. Click to register.


Your business creates a large amount of data every day. The data extracted from the mine must first be analyzed to reach meaningful data. SmartyData enables big data to be processed and concluded in a short time. It collects and organizes your data and offers you a more powerful data market.


SmartyData takes the raw data from your virtual store and processes it and makes the processed data available through pivot tables and visual charts. With visual graphics, you can define remarkable details or points that need improvement, and you can easily get reports of units that are related to each other thanks to Olap cubes. You can generate hundreds of reports in seconds.

Make data-driven decisions

Find the right solution for your business.

Run a more profitable business

You can empower the people in your organization with data-driven intelligence. You can increase sales efficiency by giving employees instant access to product information, sales data and more. You can create more accurate pricing strategies to help increase profitability and make more informed decisions that positively impact your business.

Leverage powerful analytics to manage customer churn

You can offer customers better prices than ever before. You can see changing consumer preferences and customer buying trends more clearly and offer better promotions and marketing campaigns.

Leverage historical data to make more accurate predictions

You can have information not only about the current situation but also about the future. SmartyData makes use of historical data to calculate future sales, profit, stock status, etc. It allows you to have a broader and more detailed vision by providing predictions about.

Build your own dashboards

Create your own multidimensional data cubes alongside the default data cubes. You can visualize the cubes you have created with pivot tables or various graphics, and export your reports to excel. Apart from the default dashboard, you can create new dashboards of your own cubes and see all the analyzes you want at a glance.