What information can the call center staff instantly access while meeting with the customer??

The customer’s membership information, photo, membership date and last login date.
Information that there is a risky customer, a prohibited customer, or a customer who is approved to pay at the door. If it is a risky customer, the risk rating.
Customer’s previous orders and details of these orders, delivery status, cancellation or return information.
Messages sent by the customer and replies received in the messaging system. Information on who the virtual store employees are who give these answers.
The history and information of the customer’s previous phone calls and the ability to listen to the previous phone recording with one click
If there are notes taken in the customer’s previous calls, details of these notes. Process tracking of these records.

What are the Benefits of the System?

No fixed investment, no start-up costs.
The system works with cloud architecture, does not get old day by day, no technical equipment is needed..
1 can be activated per day
The number of operators can be increased or decreased easily, and very fast action can be taken in parallel with the growth and contraction of the business. No money is wasted.
Service is provided with very low monthly costs
The customer’s phone calls are recorded in the system and can be accessed with a single click.
The operators may be in different offices or even at home, they do not need to be all in one place, the call to the operator connected to the system starts to drop. It is easily analyzed how many minutes the operators make calls and how many phone calls they receive.
The customer representative only needs to have an internet connection, a computer and a headset.
Since nearly 60% of incoming calls call to inquire about the cargo status, 1 or more customer representatives are wasted depending on the size of the project, even this feature alone provides an advantage as much as the personnel cost.
The institutionality of the e-commerce site and the technology it uses increase the customer’s loyalty to the site.
It is easy to follow up the notes taken in the calls of the customers.
Being able to access all information as soon as the customer calls, enables the customer representative to make calls very quickly and easily, saving time.