End-to-End Logistics Solutions

Although logistics integrations may differ slightly depending on the integrated cargo company, they are generally standardized. The logistics solutions of T-Soft e-commerce software are unique not only in our country but also in the world. To take a brief look at the workflow;

Automatic notification of the prepared products to the cargo company

When the order is ready, the orders are notified to the cargo companies online with a single click. In this way, whether the payment for each order will be made at the Door or whether the payment is received in advance and the address information of the order will be transferred to the logistics company. Since there is no manual intervention, problems such as incomplete writing or misreading of addresses that are constantly lived do not occur, the address is transferred as the customer entered.

Some logistics companies may find the addresses insufficient during this automatic transfer, in such cases, this information is automatically received and shown to the e-commerce site administrator. After sending the cargo information, the cargo label can also be printed and attached to the boxes. These labels also contain barcode information, and the cargo company can process it directly in this way without the need for a second label to be printed later. Some cargo companies have a private label format, and such ones are bought and printed online in private labels. Every detail is planned.

Informing the customer of the orders placed in the cargo

After the orders transferred to the cargo company with the integration, are taken from the e-commerce site warehouse by the cargo company officer and taken to the cargo company warehouse, the barcode previously created from the e-commerce site is read by the hand terminal of the cargo company. When T-Soft e-commerce software receives the information that the order has been received by the cargo company, the customer is informed. Customer notification can be optionally via SMS and E-mail. In notifications by e-mail, the e-mail format to be sent can also be designed and the text it contains can be edited.

If you want to send an SMS, it can be sent via SMS companies with which T-Soft is integrated. Since this service is not received from the logistics company, a service worth 40 cents can be reduced to 1 cent. (Some logistics companies charge 40 cents for customer notification via SMS) The loyalty of the customer, who is informed via SMS, to the e-commerce site will increase. After giving money to every customer, there is a concern, this worry does not end until the product is received, every information given in this process will make the customer happy.

Without the need for customers to contact the cargo company,
Shipment tracking via e-commerce site

In e-commerce sites, the customer is in a constant state of anxiety, as the money is paid in advance and the product is received later. The customer who places an order sometimes wants to be informed about the product every hour, has it been shipped? Questions like this are endless. Thanks to the integration, the customer can view the status of the order from the member panel on the e-commerce site, there is no need to take note of the cargo number, enter the cargo company’s site, and enter a word consisting of meaningless characters to prevent robots.

The customer, who follows the cargo status from the site he ordered, adopts the site more. Likewise, there are many customers who constantly harass the call center of the e-commerce site. Among these customers, the e-commerce site administrator can immediately give the cargo status from his own panel, and there is no waste of time. The information that the customer will see when he enters the member panel is also in an easily accessible place in the panel of the administrator.

Confirmation of product delivery

When the product is delivered, an e-mail and SMS can be received from the e-commerce site, perhaps even before the cargo officer has started the vehicle, and is sent to the customer to whom the product was delivered. This period between purchasing and receiving the product, which is very important for the customer, is concluded in this way by satisfying the customer.

The SMS that the customer receives from the e-commerce site immediately after receiving the product from the cargo company increases the customer’s trust in the site and is satisfied with the strong communication between them. On the other hand, the process of tracking the delivered orders and transferring them to the delivered process by the e-commerce site administrator is also carried out automatically in this context, making it easier to manage the site. The end-to-end logistics integration, which we name all of these processes, is of course for the first time and only at T-Soft.

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