What is MasterPass™ and how does it work?
  • MasterPass™ is a card storage and one-click payment solution developed with the assurance of MasterCard that you can use in all sales channels.
  • Your customers’ card information is verified with a one-time password in the SMS sent from their banks and stored with the MasterCard infrastructure.
  • Like millions of MasterPass™ member users all over the world, your customers can use any device such as desktop computers, tablets, mobile phones; They can pay with one click without re-entering their card information at home or on the go.
  • At the same time, customers who have registered their card from another MasterPass™ member workplace can easily complete their shopping at your workplace without even entering card information.
  • Your customers benefit from the speed and security of payment with MasterPass™ on your own checkout page and without downloading any apps.
  • It is valid for all MasterCard, Visa, American Express logo cards compatible with integrated banking systems.
    Why is MasterPass™ secure?
  • MasterPass™ works with globally accepted security principles that MasterCard specializes in.
  • The card information of the users is verified by the bank with a one-time password sent to the phone number approved by the bank of the cardholder and stored with the MasterCard infrastructure.
  • Minimizes PCI DSS obligations of workplaces.
How can I get paid with MasterPass™? MasterPass™ integration is at your service for businesses using Tsoft infrastructure. The MasterPass™ service is activated immediately for businesses that complete the contract process. Moreover, the first 6 months are free. Click now to apply!