Multi-currency security, e-commerce sites accept prices from the currency of delivery. Due to the requirement language selection, it is preferred as one of the other options from that selection.

In order to grow in e-commerce, it is not possible to have an instant effect so that you are not a contact with a purchase decision.

In the customer order, in the shopping section, options regarding which currency preference can be displayed. On the e-commerce site, as many currencies as desired can be activated. This does not exist together. If requested, T.C. Automated tools with Central Bank exchange rates is to schedule in customer currencies automatically. If desired, rates can also be entered manually.

Creating the Currency of the E-commerce Site;

The e-commerce site has the feature of making TL as a purchasable currency and Ruble as a purchasable currency in Russia. All components of the e-commerce site plan allow to set the main currency of programming, billing. To manage by converting to the default currency, whichever currency you prefer on arrival.

Ability to See Order Details with Customer Currency

When a customer completes their e-commerce purchase, they can be purchased in the order detail. The e-commerce site administration, if any, can be viewed at any price, according to the preferred currency, to see the details of the order with the customer rate.

Ability to Manage Currency on the Visitor Side

When the customer accesses e-commerce, it can be managed in which currency it can be met by default.