When we say e-commerce, the first thing that comes to our mind is to sell to people we do not know, do not know, without seeing, knowing, knowing, isn’t it? Since you don’t have any worries about sending products to every city for your business operating in a city, it feels very natural. So why not send it to other countries? Do not think that it is very difficult to send abroad, it is already very difficult for someone else in e-commerce, but how easy it is for those who do it. Our ancestors said, “A man is the enemy of what he does not know”. Actually, doing e-commerce in the country and selling products to the whole world is not much different. As a matter of fact, many e-commerce sites that know this make 20-30 percent of their monthly sales abroad. Thanks to the differences between the countries, while the product prices remain high in the domestic market, they can be very affordable in other countries. Logistics companies can now transport products all over the world. With the pos solutions of banks, withdrawals can be made from credit cards anywhere in the world…

Multi-Language Solution enables your e-commerce site to broadcast with different language options, and your customers can easily switch between languages. When you think that the logic of the e-commerce site is the same all over the world, your customer can order with the language option as if he were in his own country, in the comfort of shopping from a site. All texts that customers will see in different language options can be easily entered. For more than 10 language options, hundreds of words and sentences have been translated to facilitate the e-commerce site administrator to start the page in the relevant language. T-Soft e-commerce multi-language solution can also be used in languages ​​with different alphabets and characters, such as Turkish, Persian, Russian, Arabic, Greek, Azerbaijani, German, English, French, Bosnian, which can differ according to the writing situation from left to right – right to left.

For e-commerce sites, Multi-currency support allows the customer to see the product price in the currency of their choice. The e-commerce site administrator can enter the prices of some products in TL, the prices of some products in USD, some in EURO or in other units. The customer can see the prices in the currency he chooses, by converting the exchange rates on all products, whichever currency he has chosen. The customer not only sees the product prices in the currency he chooses, but also can see the amounts in the currency of his choice, even in the e-mail he receives after the order, by proceeding all the order processes in that currency. You can work with as many currencies as you want on the e-commerce site. Currency conversions can be made by automatically obtaining exchange rate information from the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey, if desired, on the e-commerce site. Optionally, rates can also be entered manually.

“Is there more?” if you say; Yes there is! Besides all these great features, we added another feature and crowned all these features. We welcome the customer by choosing the default language option and the default currency, depending on which language the visitor to your e-commerce site visits the most. To elaborate a little more, if the visitor to your e-commerce site is Iranian, we can understand this information from his computer, open the site in Persian language, and show Euro as the default currency. Moreover, you can create rules according to probabilities.