Various sizes serving in different fields iyzico, which offers an easy and secure payment management platform for your e-commerce companies, without paying a fixed monthly or annual fee, You can apply online without the hassle of shipping your documents and make installments within 24 hours with different payment options, You can receive payments from anywhere in the world.
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IPara payment integration, which is the same group company as Multinet, provides alternative payment opportunities for e-commerce sites that want to offer more services to their customers. With the integration initiated in one day, virtual POS of 7 banks can be established and withdrawals can be made up to 9 installments. An alternative sales channel opportunity is created with the Multinet Gift Card solution within the same group. Click for more information about iPara payment integration!
SiPay digital wallet infrastructure combines card and cardless payments, bank transfers and other alternative payments under one roof. Offering a 360-degree solution with its experienced management team with global experience and expert R&D power, SiPay has the PCI-DSS certificate, which is the global high security standard. It continues its efforts devotedly by offering easy-to-use, reliable and fast solutions to both end users and member businesses in the field of Electronic Money and Payment Systems. Click for more information about SiPay payment integration!
PayPal is a more secure payment method that allows you to pay and receive online without sharing your credit card information with buyers or sellers. With PayPal, you can pay in multiple currencies, including Turkish Lira, US Dollars and Euros.
PayPal is available in many countries and was founded in 1998.
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Developed as a result of 15 years of experience in the payment industry, Flexible POS is a brand of Elekse Payment Corporation
If you are an e-commerce company selling services/products, you can benefit from the advantages of flexible pos without paying any setup fee or monthly/annual fixed fee.
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Your Free Virtual POS is Ready in 2 Hours
Make your application, get an offer quickly
Upload your documents online and open your Virtual POS
The payments you receive will be deposited into your account the next business day.
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