Why Mobile Application?

Thanks to mobile applications, you can reach more users and go one step ahead. Not only at the computer, but also when you are on the phone, you will be with your customer and draw more attention with instant notifications. The bond between you and your customer always remains strong.

What are the Mobile Application Features?
Multiple Currency

Ability to use multiple currencies in your app

Push Notifications

You can send notifications to IOS and Android phones separately.

Nearest Store

Opportunity to see the distance to the stores according to your location


Ability to use multiple language options in your application

What are the Mobile Panel Features?
Order Management

You can see the details of your orders and change their status.

Product management

You can manage the stock, price and activity of your products.

Customer Management

You can access the information of your members.


You can see and respond to requests from your members.


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Nearest Store

The stores section, which was developed for businesses with more than one store or dealers, allows customers to easily reach these addresses. The mobile application receives the location information from the satellite and displays the nearest stores to the customer, informing how many kilometers away each of the stores is from the customer’s current location. Customers who wanted to search the stores were able to call the stores with a single click. Customers who want to reach the store physically can start the navigation with a single click, and they can start any of the alternative navigation options. Customers can list the stores if they want, or they can see their distribution on the map. Stores can also be accessed by searching.

Multi-Language Feature

Multi-language option is a big problem for e-commerce software not only in Turkey but also in the world, so many e-commerce platforms only serve in their local language. Some e-commerce software, on the other hand, offer buffer solutions to the problem by making copies of the site and publishing each one in a different language. Those who can produce solutions with a multi-language option from a single e-commerce software can provide services as well as with partial arrangements. T-Soft e-commerce software offers a wide range of solutions from search engine optimization, management panel usage, API environment to mobile applications in multi-language options. Multi-language options are provided in T-Soft mobile application solutions..

Working with Multiple Currency

Multi-currency usage is common in e-commerce sites that sell abroad and in e-commerce sites where more than one currency is actively used in the country where they are located. In T-Soft e-commerce software, it is possible to use more than one currency. At the same time, multiple currencies can be used through mobile applications. While using the mobile application, the final consumer can determine the currency in which he/she wants the product prices to be displayed and can see the prices in the currency he/she prefers. In this way, the customer will be able to make the decision more easily without any confusion in the price point, which is the biggest purchasing criterion of the customer.